Epicor Cash Collect
What if you could get paid 12 days faster with significantly less effort? Most businesses get paid 61 days on average Net28 terms. Companies that implement systems like Epicor Cash Collect typically get paid 20% faster through automated communication, built-in workflow, and advanced credit and collections features.
Further, most companies write-off about 4% of accounts receivable every year1. That’s $400,000 for every $10 million in revenue. With Epicor Cash Collect you could shave about 20% off bad debt write-offs – a savings of $80,000 annually.
Epicor Cash Collect is like CRM but developed exclusively for accounts receivable, credit, and collections professionals with a return on investment in about two months. You don’t have to take our word for it, contact us for an investment summary and try our free ROI Calculator to find out how much Epicor Cash Collect can improve your bottom line.
Put Your A/R on Auto Pilot with Epicor Cash Collect
Explore the Epicor Cash Collect Information Kit and get paid faster and easier
than you ever imagined possible.
Flexible Deployment & Pricing Options
Epicor Cash Collect Express edition is available hosted on the secure and reliable Microsoft Azure cloud providing super-fast implementation for a low monthly subscription price. Epicor Cash Collect Standard edition is ideal for larger companies licensed as a purchased perpetual license and hosted or installed on premise on your own servers.
Accounts Receivable Inspired
View the dashboard and access reports, inquiries, and automated alerts to gain new insights into your accounts receivable process. Know what’s happening, who’s managing it, and what issues require your immediate attention.
Precision Receivables Control
Leverage customer account, aging, invoice, payment, and activity data to develop custom workflow for different types of customers with configurable email templates, call scripts, and built-in escalations the way you want the system to work to meet the needs of your customers, your industry, and your way.
Free A/R Credit & Collections Resource Kit Including:
Business Case for Epicor Cash Collect
Discover the possibilities for lower DSO and streamlined accounts receivable with Epicor Cash Collect.
Case Study (View Full Story)
“Epicor Cash Collect manages everything after we send out the invoice until we receive payment. It’s almost like having another full-time accounts receivable resource because it automates so many things and saves us time so we can make more calls.” Hy-Bon
Epicor Cash Collect